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Real AdultSexGame: my official analysis

Hey gang – welcome to our official review on RealAdultSexGame. As you've probably worked out by now, we're one of the best places to go on the Internet if you're looking for high quality information surrounding the best adult gaming sites out there for guys who like porn and love gaming. Today, it's my pleasure to be able to visit this community and try it out – that way, you can know whether or not it's any good! So, if you'd like to know more, read on down below and we'll get down to business. This is going to be one review you do not want to miss!

First opinion on RealAdultSexGame

When you load up RealAdultSexGame for the first time, you'll be prompted to pick from a number of locations to start your quest. What I want to stress is that while the teaser tour only shows 3 spots (high school, beach and nightclub), you can additionally visit 15 other spots, including the shopping mall, botanic gardens and even the airport! Once you've picked a hub, RealAdultSexGame will then show you a bunch of different partners that you can potentially have: these girls are all sexy as fuck and they're generated randomly every 24 hours, so if you decide to come back again the same time tomorrow, you'll have new ladies to entertain. Note that you can also customize the girls if you want: change their hair color, tit size and whether or not she's covered in tattoos!

Once you've finished all of that, RealAdultSexGame will finally begin. Note that when you first meet these chicks, they don't immediately want to bone you – you'll have to tempt them and tease them into wanting you if you wish to see them get nude and rude. The girls all have their own personalities and it'd be wise for you to pay attention to how they talk and what they have an interest in: this helps you down the road to get into their underwear. When the sex eventually does happen, you'll be able to pick from dozens of positions and enjoy a fully comprehensive voice over pack that has the girls moaning and groaning. Headphones are recommended – it's all binaural, so you get that full 3D effect as you're smashing them!

RealAdultSexGame: worth it?

I played RealAdultSexGame for around 45 minutes before eventually writing up this review: I loved every second of it. The entire experience was so enjoyable and the sex scenes were out of this world. The quality is something that I know a lot of people are going to absolutely love – you can't beat a top tier render when it comes to a porn game! Anyway friends: that's essentially all I have to write about RealAdultSexGame – thanks for reading and I hope your next squeeze is the best one yet. 

Review Pros

  • Great quality renders
  • Regular content patches
  • Supports all browsers

Review Cons

  • No game guide
  • Average download speed

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