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Pregnant Sex Games: Our Official Review

Some people have very strict and niche desires when it comes to content online, which is why various studios come along that specialize in very specific types of adult material. Today, we're going to be looking at Pregnant Porn Games and what it's able to bring to the table for people who like gaming action that revolves around girls being knocked up and hungry for some creampies. Do you consider yourself to be a lover of pregnant porn game entertainment? Then continue reading and I'll give you my full thoughts and feelings on this community devoted exclusively to them!

Pregnant Sex Games – First Impressions

Signing up and signing into Pregnant Games took me a matter of mere minutes – it's always refreshing when you're able to get access to what you want at a moment's notice! You'll realize once inside that Pregnant Porn Games has a number of different titles for you to play: there are more and more being added too. I counted a total of 23 games, with 5 of them being added in the last 12 months – not a bad rate considering how good some of these are to play. Now with that in mind, I do want us to pay some attention to the fact that 3 of these seem to be the 'flagship' products that are updated twice a month and receive regular patching. I'll kick off my review with one of them right now, in fact!

Playing Knocking Up Natasha at Pregnant Sex Games

Knocking Up Natasha is an XXX game that starts out with setting the scene: you're new in a city that is almost exclusively made up of women, all of which want you to fuck them essentially as soon as you meet them. Trouble is, you've only got your eyes on the neighbor – who didn't show much interest in you at all when you first met. Natasha is a tough nut to crack, but you're going to have to work overtime if you want to bust your seed up inside her tight, hungry pussy. Knocking Up Natasha has the ability for you to have sex with dozens of different characters, but Natasha is the one you really want. Sure, go ahead and bang these other broads – just make sure you save enough cum for the girl next door.

Playing Fertile Faldor at Pregnant Games

Fertile Faldor is a game that's similar in style to Skyrim: you'll be placed back in time to a period where women were submissive and men were warriors. This mystical land with magic and mystery allows you to roam around looking for ladies to fuck. You'll come across a number of women who are already pregnant: as well as those that want to be fertilized with your cum. There are lots of quests and a whole item progression system that's actually quite cool – as well as combat to get great loot that'll raise your charm so that no woman is able to resist your advances. I played this one for around an hour before eventually deciding that I'd end up on it all night if I didn't quit immediately – you've been warned as to the addictive nature of this one!

Free Bonuses

Alongside all of the games, you'll find a nice stash of porn videos here – all of which feature girls who're pregnant fucking in front of the camera! The content isn't exclusive and some of it is a little dated, but since good pregnant porn is quite hard to find, it's nice to have this little collection that you might want to turn to in the case of an emergency. Pregnant Games doesn't give you the ability to download these clips, but you can stream them directly from the site without much of an issue. I'd estimate around 25% of them are in HD too (720p or 1080p), so that's nice.

My Conclusion

Since there's really not much by way of competition in this space, it's actually hard for me to say how Pregnant Sex Games stacks up. That said, I do feel as if this is well above the standards of most people – it's nice to have such great options when it comes to gaming online. Pregnant Games delivered more than I was expecting and because of that, it's getting my official seal of approval. Suffice to say if you want pregnant porn gaming fun, look no further than right here. Head on over and see for yourself – you won't be disappointed! 

Review Pros

  • Lots of games available
  • Regular content patches
  • Free XXX videos

Review Cons

  • Limited HD scenes
  • English support only

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