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Nutaku: the world's best anime porn games

If you haven't heard of Nutaku before but you're interested in porn games, you've been missing out. This is a platform like no other – one that's based entirely upon giving you access to free, anime-inspired XXX titles that you can play directly through your browser or alternatively, launch directly from the Nutaku browser. It's considered to be one of the most popular destinations out there for hentai addicts that want to game – let's explore why and try some games out!

First comments on Nutaku

If you speak to anime geeks that also happen to be gamers, they'll all tell you that Nutaku is the spot they go to for the purposes of jerking off while gaming. This company has published dozens of games over the years, including the likes of Fap CEO, Harem Heroes, Booty Calls and Chick Wars to name but a few. What's so great about Nutaku's releases is that they're all developed in-house and you won't find these games anywhere else on the Internet. It's really quite something if you ask me: they know the industry like no other and since all games can be played for free (with the option to pay for benefits), it's a stellar choice for people who just want to try out some XXX titles.

My favorite games on Nutaku

If you're asking me personally what I recommend when it comes to the free anime porn games that Nutaku offer, it'd be Fap Titans and Soul Senki. The latter is actually their most recent release and got published just 2 weeks ago – congratulations to the team for yet another successful product launch!

I don't think I'll ever get bored of talking about Nutaku or visiting there myself: this truly is one of the best hubs on the Internet if you want to play anime-inspired porn games that actually have good quality content and enjoyable mechanics. So yeah – that's pretty much everything I wanted to discuss here: be sure to check out the Nutaku platform sooner rather than later – this place is simply the best for hentai gaming. 

Review Pros

  • Great hentai games
  • Huge community
  • Free to play releases

Review Cons

  • Some mobile focused releases
  • Limited Western artwork

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