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My Sex Games: official and honest review

Hello everyone – welcome to this official review on My Sex Games! The website we're talking about here has been in the business of adult entertainment gaming for a very long time and we're happy to be able to talk about all of the great options on offer here for people who prefer an old-school approach to porn gaming online. Want to relive the Flash days where everything wasn't quite as polished or 3D? Well then – My Sex Games is the spot for you. Continue reading and learn about this free hub of glorious gaming goodness.

The best of My Sex Games

After landing on the homepage here, you'll be presented with a collection of over 1,000 games – that's right – My Sex Games likely has one of the biggest portals the Internet has ever known of exclusively porn-related releases. I decided to go way back to the first upload here and it turns out that My Sex Games has been online since 2006 – that's a lot of time in the business if you ask me. Now one of the best features here that I must stress you utilize is the 'top rated' button right at the top of the page. This allows you to see the cream of the crop and ensures that you're not wasting your time on anything that's sub-par. All of the voting is done by users of the platform too, so you've got a 'wisdom of the crowds' deal.

My Sex Games: playing some titles

While here, I decided that I'd play the following games: Strip Poker Night, Fuck Your Champion, The Sex Pit and Light – Tower Sword. I think that Fuck Your Champion was my favorite. I've long been a League of Legends addict and this game allows you to fuck basically all of the female characters from the game. What's cool is that it also features some item upgrades that'll make the sex go quicker or perform some other task. For instance, the Hourglass allows you to pause, whereas the Boots of Mobility will up the pace until you're practically ready to pop! You can choose to fuck lots of champions in different positions too, so if you like titty fucking or anal, Fuck Your Champion gives you those options and then some. Like I said – a fully interactive experience and one of the best free porn-focused Flash games I've tried out!

Wrapping up the My Sex Games review

There's not much point writing more about this portal – it's stellar, that's for sure, but since you can just go over there right now and try it for free, it doesn't make much sense to just talk about it endlessly. No account is required and one really nice touch is that the games also include free walkthrough videos, so if you want a truly 'hands off' experience, this is the way to get exactly that. Anyway – that's all from us, as always, it's been a pleasure writing this review and we hope your time on My Sex Games is as good as ours was! 

Review Pros

  • Over 1'000 games
  • New releases weekly
  • Walk-through videos

Review Cons

  • Small games
  • Average quality

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