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Grand Fuck Auto – official review

You've probably heard of Grand Theft Auto before, but what about Grand Fuck Auto? As the name implies, this is a porn parody title where you get to play as one of many characters who is tasked with completing various quests, stealing cars, fucking random NPCs and getting involved in a bunch of wild shit, all while evading the police and building up an army of gangsters to help you on your mission to conquer the city. Today, I'm set to log into Grand Fuck Auto for a full, complete analysis of what this game has to offer – continue reading for my full thoughts and feelings.

First details on Grand Fuck Auto

The first thing I want to mention is the fact that Grand Fuck Auto is set in New York City. They use midtown Manhattan is the proving grounds and you'll be able to unlock more areas and side zones as you complete various missions and progress through the game. Grand Fuck Auto is similar to playstyle and approach to all of the most recent Grand Theft Auto games – you'll walk around the streets, have the ability to buy guns from shops, steal cars and so on. One cool feature is that whenever you steal a car, you'll have the ability to spawn it forever from your own garage. There are some really rare vehicles too, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled – everyone wants the best of the best, right?

The sex in Grand Fuck Auto

Almost all of the quest givers in this game are women and after helping them with their tasks, you'll be able to fuck them. One nice function is that the game has an 'archive' section that shows you all of the NPCs you've fucked before: you can go through this page to instantly have sex with the same girl again. Grand Fuck Auto utilizes an interactive sex simulation tool that allows you to pick from 5 to 10 positions and in some cases, you can even change the outfits that a few of the broads are wearing.

As for downsides, I'm disappointed that Grand Fuck Auto doesn't support Linux devices just yet, but if you're on a Mac or a Windows device, you'll have no issues with playing this particular porn parody game. They have a browser-based version, but I prefer the downloadable one: textures look better and you get higher frame rates.

My conclusion on Grand Fuck Auto

Grand Fuck Auto looked good in the tour and it looked even better after signing up. This game has a real nice polish and the team behind it seem to know exactly what they're doing. Their last content patch was just a few weeks ago too, with a massive expansion into Las Vegas planned for 2020. If you haven't played Grand Fuck Auto already, you're missing out. Click on the link and give it a shot – I guarantee you won't be surprised with what's on the other side! 

Review Pros

  • Great graphics
  • Regular content updates
  • Fast download servers

Review Cons

  • English only
  • No Linux support

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