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The complete review of Fucknite

The battle royale known as Fortnite took the world by storm after it was launched shortly after the success of PUBG: today, we're going to be looking at a game that parodies this fantastic title and gives you the ability to engage erotically with all of your favorite characters. It goes by the title of Fucknite and has been produced by a top quality developer that knows the ins and outs of great gaming goodness. So, with that in mind, let's get down to business and see what's going on over at Fucknite!

First thoughts on Fucknite

As things currently stand, it's possible to download Fucknite for local storage on both Windows and Mac devices. There's no Linux option sadly, but you will be able to stream it from the browser if you'd prefer to play that version. One thing I do want to stress is that the browser option isn't as high quality as the downloadable option – the textures simply don't look as good. Still, it's a viable alternative if you're on the go or just lack storage space on your computer for the 5 GB that Fucknite requires. One final comment: the download servers here capped out my Internet connection at 20 MB/s – that's a lot of speed!

Playing Fucknite – what it's like

So while you might think that Fucknite remained loyal to the concept of battle royales, the reality isn't quite as convenient as that. Fucknite plays more like Borderlands 3: you'll spawn into the game world and have a number of quests to do, all while collecting resources with your harvest tool and looting various boxes that contain weapons and more importantly, outfits. One of the best elements of Fucknite is that before having erotic encounters with any of the NPCs, you'll be able to control what they're wearing. The more outfits you collect, the better the experience will be! That's probably the most enjoyable element of Fucknite: the sheer amount of customization that's on offer here.

The world map in Fucknite is a lot larger than the original game, but that's just because there's a lot more to do here. Fucknite's design philosophy seems to be heavily focused around visual quality too – I recommend taking a look at the tour so you can see exactly what it is I'm talking about. I'd even suggest for a moment that in terms of character models, Fucknite looks more detailed than Fortnite – quite the claim, but I'm happy to stick to it! Take a look for yourself using the tour video: I think you'll be inclined to agree with my analysis on this terrific porn parody game.

The quests explained at Fucknite

You'll often come across NPCs in random locations that have various issues – loans that require payment, vehicles to steal, monsters to slaughter and that type of thing. For some quests, you'll have the ability to choose going multiple ways and helping others instead: this unlocks sex with new characters, but the original one will be pissed and won't open their legs for you. I should also probably mention that Fucknite has a 'gay mode' where you can play as a male character and have male NPCs: they've thought about everything here and then some! Quests also come with costume rewards and weapon upgrades – some even unlock titles and stuff that you can utilize to improve your maximum health, shield power, melee strength and so on.

The downsides of Fucknite

You always want to balance reviews out, right? Well let me go ahead and tell you why Fucknite isn't all peaches and cream in the interests of keeping things neutral. Firstly, Fucknite is completely single player – they have plans to have a multiplayer MMORPG version later down the road, but if you're signing up here, you're not getting access to that. Second, Fucknite's patches come out relatively infrequently. I'd estimate that around 6 on a yearly basis are made. Definite room for improvement here if you ask me.

My final thoughts on Fucknite

So yeah – that's pretty much everything I've got to say on the topic of Fucknite. I hope this review was useful and it shed some light on what to expect when signing up for this porn game. Overall, the experience here was good and I'm sure that throughout 2020 and beyond, it'll become a prime location for XXX gaming online. The graphics are great, the costumes are fun and you've got dozens of hours of content to enjoy here at the very least. Try it out and tell me what you think! Thanks for reading and happy squeezing. 

Review Pros

  • Great quality graphics
  • Lots of quests
  • Fast download servers

Review Cons

  • Infrequent patches
  • No Linux support

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