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Free Adult Games – Complete Review

If you ask men what they enjoy the most, they're probably going to answer with things like sex, video games, sports and jerking off. In this review, we're going to be looking at a website that combines 3 of those 4 things into a single, easy to access product. It goes by the name of Free Games and as the title would have you believe, it's not going to cost you anything to try out and enjoy. We've long been fans of destinations that are without fees and yeah – it's going to be real fun seeing what Free Games has to offer for people who sign up. So with that in mind, let's grab some accounts and get to the bottom of what's on offer here.

Visiting The The homepage

Signing up to Free Games took about 2 minutes from the point of landing on the homepage to actually being inside with a verified account. I loved the fact that I was able to look through all of the free XXX titles they had available from the get go. What's impressive is that Free Games currently sits on an archive of over 65 different releases – most of which are exclusive to the platform. They've got a whole host of erotic games here that are completely free of charge and pretty fun to play too! Let me break down some of them so you know what you're getting involved with.

Playing Adventures of Elderon at Free Games

Adventures of Elderon is a fantasy role playing game where you custom design a character and then engage in a large world, sex-focused environment. It's quite similar to Skyrim, only one of the really cool features is that depending on what race you pick, your starting area and quests will be completely unique and randomized. Adventures of Elderon has a lot of replay value because of this and I really did enjoy looting various items, learning new spells, fucking random NPCs along the way and generally having a kickass time. I'm not sure exactly how much content is available here to be played, but I'd wager that Adventures of Elderon has dozens of hours of quests and content to play through. It's real fun and for anyone who loves RPGs, this is probably going to be the first game you'll want to try out.

Other Free Games releases

Alongside AoE, I also tried out Taboo Babysitter – this is a story-driven title where you make various choices in order to drive the narrative of what happens. You're basically the father of a kid and the babysitter is looking to make some extra cash – you're willing to pay more if you get good sex in return, although how you achieve that end is entirely up to you. You can choose to be more forceful or be slower in your approach – romantic or dominant, the choice is totally yours! I liked this game and I really enjoyed how you could pick from a bunch of different babysitters and houses to make the experience completely custom. Your choices matter, which I think is really quite cool.

I tried out around 10 games in total at Free Games – I'm amazed you don't need to pay to try out these wonderful titles! The team behind them is clearly committed to creating great products and I've got no doubt that you'll feel similar to how I do with regard to their published games. This industry is only getting better and I've got no doubt in my mind that Free Games is going to continue to be a major player when it comes to giving people access to these types of releases. They're fun and the artwork is amazing – these games are some of the most enjoyable I've ever played and they look fantastic too.

My Final Conclusion

Okay friends – I'd like to thank you for reading and I hope you've had a great time learning all about Free Games and their collection of unique, enjoyable, high quality publications. This is very much one of the hottest platforms I've come across and the mere fact it's completely free of charge is insane if you ask me. Take a look for yourself and let me know how you get on – it's obvious that they care very much about a top quality product and since you get access right now, free of charge, is enough for me to send you on over. Thanks for reading and have a great time jerking off to the porn games they've got!

Review Pros

  • Great game titles
  • Free to play titles
  • Dozens of releases

Review Cons

  • English only

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