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Foot Fetish Games: Kinky XXX Review

It should come as no surprise to anyone that one of the most popular fetishes around these days revolves around feet. Guys can't get enough of sexy chicks with great toes and heels pleasuring their cocks! In fact, the demand for content in this space is so high that there are entire gaming studios devoted entirely to foot fetishism. I'm going to be reviewing one of them today for the purposes of working out whether or not it's worth recommending, so let's go ahead and do exactly that – I hope you're ready for some real information on Foot Fetish Games because I'm going to be giving it to you!

Initial Impressions Of Foot Fetish Games

So it turns out that Foot Fetish Games is actually quite a large studio – they have 33 games available inside right now and every single one of them is exclusive to the platform. That's right, you'll be able to find dozens of titles inside and you won't find them anywhere else on the Internet – quite the prospect, isn't it? Do note that not all of these 30+ releases have the same level of attention paid to them: some are more premium than others and receive regular updates as well as content releases – quite cool if you ask me. I suppose it would make sense to talk about one of them in-depth, so let me go ahead and do exactly that.

Foot Fetish Games: Playing Footjob Sim 2000

Footjob Sim 2000 is probably the biggest and most popular game hosted by Foot Fetish Games: it's really quite impressive just how much time and effort they've put into this production! When it starts up, you'll have the ability to pick from dozens of premade characters who'll then go on to have sex with one another. These include both males and females, as well as transsexuals if you're looking to go extra kinky. If you find yourself not too pleased with the quality of the models on offer, you can always go ahead and create your own if that's something you'd be interested in. The process is actually quite complex – you've got full control over 50+ traits, including skin tone, hair color, height, tattoos, breast size, foot type, nail polish color and so on. Male characters can also have customizable cock lengths, load thickness and yeah – basically you've got a lot of control here for the resulting XXX simulation fun.

Other Games At Foot Fetish Games

Once you're done playing Footjob Sim 2000, you can always go ahead and pick out any of the other games that are available. I tried 4 games that were released this year and enjoyed all of them, although I think Family Footjob Freaks was probably my favorite. As the title probably gives away, this is an incest-based release where you'll have the ability to interact and engage with a huge extended family. You can play as any character too, so if you want to be a daddy that gets a footjob from his daughter, that's easy – as is being a teen boy that seduces his cousin and gets her to give him a footjob. You can even do gay and shemale content here – the world is your oyster!

Foot Fetish Games Bonuses

The fun doesn't stop there: Foot Fetish Games comes with a tidy collection of full HD videos that you can watch and utilize for the purposes of jerking off. As you can probably guess, these all feature and focus extensively on feet. I counted a total of 600+ clips and a new one is added on a daily basis. While downloading is possible, the streams are instant and the uploads are full-length too – they're not just teaser trailers for third-party paysites. I also noticed that there were around 70 or so erotic stories focused around feet – not sure if people still read those, but it's a nice bonus nonetheless.

Wrapping Up Our Foot Fetish Games Review

I think the situation here is quite clear: if you're someone that has a particular penchant for foot-focused erotic entertainment, it's in your best interests to try out Foot Fetish Games – I guarantee that you won't be disappointed with what you find on the other side! Truth be told, this is one of the best gaming platforms I've come across, even without the extra niche focus on feet. So yeah, when all is said and done, I think that Foot Fetish Games is doing everyone out there a massive solid – try it out now and enjoy some of the finest foot fetish games the Internet has to offer. Thanks for reading and have a great time jerking off to these XXX feet games! 

Review Pros

  • Hot footjob gaming
  • Free adult video games
  • Works on mobile

Review Cons

  • English only

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