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Fap Nation: our analysis

Come to this page for the purposes of learning all about Fap Nation and what it has to offer? Well you're in a safe set of hands if so! Our job is going to be talking all about this project, what it has to offer for visitors and most importantly of all, whether or not we recommend you take a look at Fap Nation and use it on a regular basis for getting great sex games on your computer. I'm just about set to head on over to Fap Nation – continue reading and get my full thoughts and feelings on the experience.

First thoughts on Fap Nation

After landing on the homepage for the first time, you'll see the latest games that have been added to the archive of Fap Nation for download. I should be a little more thorough in the explanation though, since this platform technically just releases new patches for most games it's already indexed. See, the focus here is on the very best porn games that take a long time to develop, so they're updated once every few weeks and pushed out to fans that pay money in order to access the goodies. Seems pretty cool, right? Well what I love about Fap Nation is that new links come at least once a day: can't say fairer than that!

Some games to look at on Fap Nation

It's always worth dropping names whenever you can, so let me go ahead and do exactly that for Fap Nation. I saw games here including Fantasy Town, Pleasure Thieves, Photo Hunt, World After War and Love Season to name just a handful of the 100+ releases you can grab for local storage here on Fap Nation. One really cool feature I suggest you consider is the header games dropdown link that allows you to look for titles on specific devices, so if you're using an Android Phone, Lixus PC or standard Windows, it's possible to see what'll work for you by following these options. They've also got a 'completed' section for games that have completely wrapped up development: cool!

As for downloading, Fap Nation currently hosts files on Media Fire and MEGA – I highly recommend the latter, since they don't really have bandwidth limits. You can also choose to look through the comments for each game and give it a rating if you want others to know how you feel about it.

Final analysis on Fap Nation

So yeah: how do I feel about Fap Nation when all is said and done? It's pretty damn awesome if you ask me! Their commitment to the very best gaming action around is something that I won't get tired of and I highly doubt you will either. Truth be told, this is a fantastic mirror site with a lot going for it. The MEGA links are just the icing on the cake: I highly recommend checking out Fap Nation the next time you decide you want to jerk off over some great adult video games. 

Review Pros

  • Good community
  • Daily releases
  • Free to download

Review Cons

  • No local storage
  • Cannot rating sort

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