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Dick Dolls – Professional Analysis And Review

Howdy and welcome! If you've come here looking for a place to read the latest and greatest reviews on shemale porn games, you're in for a real treat! Today, I'm going to be visiting, sign up for and logging into Dick Dolls: a 3D XXX simulator that has received a lot of praise lately for having some of the best graphics in the business. Transsexual content has skyrocketed lately in terms of popularity, but will this game be good enough to recommend for those looking to get their hands on delicious shemale entertainment? There's only one way to find out, so let's crack on with a complete, thorough analysis of Dick Dolls and what it brings to the table – I can't wait to see the inside of this place!

First Dick Dolls Thoughts

So Dick Dolls is currently just a one-game community, although I've heard rumors that they're going to be publishing a second title in the not too distant future (also focused on chicks with dicks). You've got the choice once inside to either download Dick Dolls to your computer or play it right there in the browser. I tried both and from what I can tell, there's literally zero difference between the two options, so pick whatever you'd prefer and continue on with your gaming pleasure!

The game itself is themed around real sexy babes with big cocks fucking other girls and being fucked themselves. The 'dolls' part of the title is on point: these are some of the prettiest transsexuals I've ever seen. I can't fault the graphic quality either: it's almost lifelike and considering it wasn't heavily taxing my GPU, I'm wondering how they managed to get things looking so damn polished and attractive. Dick Dolls is also quite packed full of content – you're able to select from a range of locations and scenes to engage in. Whether it's shemale on female or male on shemale, you've got lots of choices. You can also do gangbangs if that's your thing – just be prepared to micromanage a lot of what's going on during the simulations!

Dick Dolls: A Quality Simulation

I ended up playing Dick Dolls for around 45 minutes before I felt that I'd seen enough to write up this review. I can say with confidence that with so many characters to pick from and locations to enjoy, this is one polished title that people have to play to believe. It's not often that you come across a release like this, but yeah – Dick Dolls had everything and then a little more on top. I'm really impressed with the folks behind this game and I think they've done a fantastic job with their flagship product.

Final Thoughts On Dick Dolls

As far as premium tranny porn games go, Dick Dolls is one of the hottest releases on the Internet right now. It's actually quite new and I'm positive that over the next 6 months, it's only going to get better and better. Releases like this seldom age poorly, so whether you want to try it out now or wait a little, Dick Dolls is going to be there for you – still as great as ever! Anyway gang: thanks for reading and have a great day. I hope this shemale porn game review was helpful.

Review Pros

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Updates regularly
  • Easy to play

Review Cons

  • Only one game
  • No mobile application

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