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Crazy Fake Taxi: porn parody game

If you've ever been on the Internet and watched porn, you've probably come across the Fake Taxi series before. Well in this review, we're going to be looking at a game that parodies this porn production series – conveniently referred to as Crazy Fake Taxi. I've never heard of this game before and it seems pretty new to the market, but I'm excited to take it for a spin today to see whether or not it lives up to expectations. So, with that in mind, let's crack on and see exactly what Crazy Fake Taxi is all about.

First thoughts on Crazy Fake Taxi

So the first thing I want to mention when it comes to Crazy Fake Taxi is the fact that this game is entirely played in the browser – I highly recommend going full screen for the complete experience. Anyway, when you kick off, you'll be required to create a character which will begin at level 1. Crazy Fake Taxi Spawns you into your first gig as a taxi driver for some dumb broad that can't keep her mouth shut – your job is to drive her to her destination and get paid cash in hand for the task. Crazy Fake Taxi gives you a really shitty car in order to do this, but if you get there in time, you'll be paid and can gradually save up for better and better vehicles.

The sex at Crazy Fake Taxi

You've got multiple options when it comes to fucking in this game: some passengers will put out if they find you attractive enough, whereas others will give you pussy or ass if you let them avoid paying for the ride. You can also use your cash to hire hookers, visit strip clubs, hit up the bar and do other stuff as well. Crazy Fake Taxi feels a bit like Grand Theft Auto in that respect, only it doesn't have guns and you're locked into the job of being a taxi driver, as opposed to some drug kingpin or something else. What is cool is that you get to race around the city and evade cops from time to time: I guess that's where the 'crazy' part comes from. I do want to just touch on the fact that the graphics here are absolutely incredible: you've never seen a game that looks as good as this! That much I can guarantee.

My conclusion on Crazy Fake Taxi

So to sum everything up here, I want to make it obvious that I find Crazy Fake Taxi to be a fantastic product and well worth taking a look at. This game did a number on me and my time: I played it for over an hour and I'll likely go back once this review is finished. When all is said and done, I think the free online demo that you get when using our link is the best way to determine whether or not you want to play Crazy Fake Taxi: I think it's amazing and I'm guessing you will too. Anyhow, cheers for reading yet another review on a top quality porn gaming product! Take care and happy fapping. 

Review Pros

  • Fun driving game
  • Plays in browser
  • Good game guide

Review Cons

  • No bonus videos
  • No downloadable version

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