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Bangerlands 3: Complete XXX Review

Borderlands 3 was one of the best games of 2019 and I'm sure that plenty of people got quickly addicted to the idea of the various sexy characters fucking one another. It's hard to fault the artwork and since so many of the shown models were incredibly hot, it was only a matter of time before a project like Bangerlands 3 launched. Put simply, this is a porn parody game that looks a lot like Borderlands 3: they've taken the artwork and made an open world XXX title that will take your erotic fantasies regarding Borderlands 3 to a new level. I've got to play this game before actually giving it a recommendation though – so let's go ahead and do exactly that!

Playing Bangerlands 3 for the first time

When you create an account for Bangerlands 3, you've got the ability to either download the game to be stored on your PC or stream a version of it in your browser that has lower graphics but instant access to the content. I went with the downloaded version because I wanted the complete Bangerlands 3 experience, but you might choose to just go right ahead with the browser option if that's more convenient for you. Right now, support is only given for Windows, although I'm sure they're working on Mac and Linux options as we speak.

Much like Borderlands 3, this porn parody gives you the ability go right ahead and pick from a range of different classes, all loosely based around what the original game has to offer. Note that a lot of focus is put on outfits and bodies here, so you can customize what you look like and how you dress. I'd recommend actually going for a male character, as this will ensure almost all of the NPCs are female. There's a gay mode here too which I guess is pretty cool, but I'm not going to toggle that – I want to fuck chicks with my big dick!

Loot, Quests & More with Bangerlands 3

There are a ton of guns in the game of Bangerlands 3, although I'd say in terms of design and impact, they're not quite as impressive as what Borderlands 3 has to offer. That's not exactly an issue as far as I'm concerned though: we're here to fuck these sluts and the character models as well as the quests are the most important. In terms of 3D art, I'm stunned at how visually incredible Bangerlands 3 is – this game really does take XXX gaming fun to a whole new level of beautiful. The shadows, colors and environment are all true to the original game – you're going to love it.

Final thoughts on Bangerlands 3

I'd honestly recommend that you just go ahead and try out this game for yourself instead of taking my word for it – Bangerlands 3 is visually gorgeous and after playing it for a few minutes, you'll soon realize just how much effort the team here has put into the production. It's gritty, cartoonish and vivid: just what a porn parody game of Borderlands 3 should be! Anyway, that's pretty much all I've got to say on this particular XXX gaming title – thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this porn game parody as much as I did. 

Review Pros

  • Artwork looks amazing
  • Downloaded version available
  • Regular patch updates

Review Cons

  • No bonus games
  • English and French only

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