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Adult Sex Games: professional analysis

Adult Sex Games isn't exactly the most complicated website to understand – the name goes a large way toward telling you what this project is about and where you're getting all of the value from. See, Adult Sex Games is not only giving you access to wild, browser-based titles, but you can – if you so desire – play them completely free of charge with no account required. There's a lot going on here that I want to talk about, so please continue down below and we'll break down what Adult Sex Games has to offer: it's going to be one wild ride, that's for sure!

Homepage of Adult Sex Games

Adult Sex Games begins by showing you a collection of games that you can play from the get go – these are sorted based on upload date, so you're basically getting your greasy fingers on the latest and the greatest. Adult Sex Games also has a search feature, so if you want to look for a specific title, this is the best way to go about doing exactly that. You can even type in keywords like 'lesbian' and it'll give you recommended titles: cool way to give people who have niche interests a way to enjoy their genre of choice.

Navigation from Adult Sex Games

Right at the top of the website, you've got a pretty useful navigation bar that I think you ought to think about using every once in a while. The 'top rated' feature is obviously one of the best tools here: it allows you to see what most people consider to be the cream of the crop on the platform. Adult Sex Games has hundreds of releases and so it really does pay to see where others are spending their time and what they consider to be king shit. Similarly, Adult Sex Games also has a 'most played' button: these two pages are somewhat similar, but you won't always see the same games from both lists, so it's worth considering a look at the pair whenever you've got the time.

All games from ASG can be played directly from the browser, but you will require Flash in order to do this. I tried the website on Firefox, Safari, Opera and even Chrome – all of them worked absolutely fine. I have heard that Edge has some issues, but do people even bother with that garbage? I sure as hell don't!

Completing our Adult Sex Games review

I've seen enough here already to let you know that Adult Sex Games is getting an endorsement from our platform: it's simply too damn good at its job and I think a lot of people are going to see that when they try this place out for the first time. What makes Adult Sex Games so good is the on-demand access: you don't need an account, downloads or cash in order to enjoy a game here. Just load it up and that's that – couldn't be easier, right? Thanks for reading and have a great day jerking off to all the porn games over on Adult Sex Games! 

Review Pros

  • Sexy porn games
  • Easy to navigate
  • Top rated section

Review Cons

  • Flash only
  • Average design

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