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3D Sex Games: Official XXX Review

Today, I'm going to be heading on over to a little platform known as 3D Games for the purposes of discovering whether or not it's any good for people looking to play some wild XXX games. From what I can piece together, 3D Sex Games was released just a few months ago by an ambitious studio that's looking to make a name for itself in the world of erotic gaming – but ambition isn't enough when it comes to getting the punters hard and begging for more! If you'd like to know more about 3D Games and what it has available inside, read down below and we'll crack this baby wide open to see what delicious gaming goodness is waiting for us inside.

First Impressions Of 3D Sex Games

3D Sex Games takes just a minute or so to sign up to in order to get inside – the process is super streamlined and they don't ask for any details that aren't important. My initial suspicions of 3D Sex Games being a new player to the game were confirmed when I saw that the platform launched in October of 2019 – that's very recent indeed! Don't worry though: what they lack in age they make up for in terms of product. There are 15 playable titles inside right now, with new ones added to their 'future updates' page every single month until May of 2020 (when I imagine they'll have already began adding new releases). While all of these 15 games seem fun, 3 get a lot of attention from the team – these seem to be the 'core' releases that are developed and focused on more so than the others. Speaking of – I'll go ahead right now and write up a little review on one of them!

Playing Oriental Explorer at 3D Porn Games

I hope you're the type of guy who enjoys Indian, Asian and associated ladies – Oriental Explorer is one of the hottest games I've played where you get to explore the region and fuck these babes like the seductive temptresses they are. The game kicks off with you being a merchant who's seeking new product to bring back to the European region, but your adventures find you instead hunting out the hottest pussy and ass the East has to offer. There are lots of quests to do and honestly, the graphics with this game are incredibly good. It looks like the latest Assassin's Creed title to be honest with you: I'm amazed at just how gorgeous this one is.

I played Oriental Explorer for around an hour before eventually realizing that I wasn't near the 'end': it's open world, so you can just continue to explore town after town without issue. I love how each woman is distinct, but also the regions have differences with building types, market structures, items available and that type of thing. It's a great adventure game with lots of sex – the animations are great and yeah, I can see that 3D Games is very much committed to top quality gaming where the graphical rendering is of the utmost importance.

Other Games Inside 3D Porn Games

So alongside Oriental Explorer, you've got Dick Addicted Sluts, Real Gen Simulator, Anal Adventures and many other fantastic adult games that I think you're going to love. I played around 8 releases in total – though sadly not for as long as I'd have hoped – and was incredibly pleased with the entire experience. Again, the graphics here are amazing – they're really trying to bring out the best in XXX quality gaming here on 3D XXX Games. I don't think I've actually seen a studio that pays this much attention to how things look: the graphics are so lifelike and yeah, the sex is fantastic too!

Final Thoughts On 3D Sex Games

So in conclusion, I think that 3D Sex Games is very much a platform that people who care about aesthetics should consider checking out. I'll be honest with you in saying that I think these games are some of the best looking I've come across – that's enough for me to give it my genuine seal of approval! You've got to check out the tour at the very least to see what's going on here: you'll love it and then some. Anyway – that's pretty much all that I need to say with regard to 3D Porn Games, so thanks for reading and be sure to pay this place a visit the next time you want to jerk off over gorgeous XXX games.

Review Pros

  • World-class gaming graphics
  • Downloadable game collection
  • Regular content patches

Review Cons

  • New community

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